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09282006_40003_1.pngDAVID BENTLEY

David Williams Bentley, D.D., assistant Bishop of Jamaica was elected by the Synod of Barbados in 1927, and for the next 18 years, he was the faithful pastor and sincere friend of all Barbadians.

He was a low churchman, or  a churchman of the Evangelical persuasion and he did not forbid Catholic practices in the Diocese; he only asked that they be not carried out on his visit to the Church.

The number of illegitimate births worried him, and with a hope of decreasing them, he started the League of Faithful Witness, because he felt that if men and women were faithful to their Baptism and Confirmation Vows, thus bearing witness to morality, the number of sexual miscreants would decrease.  In some years and at some counts, the number of illegitimate births did drop, but it was widely felt that increased use of contraceptives was really the reason for the drop.

A forceful and lovely preacher, Dr Bentley always received a warm welcome at all the Parishes which he visited, usually on the Sunday of the Church’s Patronal Festival and for Confirmations.

His wife Anne, was a tower of strength to him.  She worked at various times with the W.A., the M.U., and the G.F.S.  His last Charge to Synod gave the inability of his wife to carry on with this work, as the reason for his giving up the Episcopate in August 1945.

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