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09282006_34158_0.pngALFRED BERKELEY

The successor to Bishop Swaby had to be made according to the Amendments made to the Anglican Church Act, which were made on December 21, 1911.  These amendments gave to the Synod the power of electing the Bishop by a two-thirds Vote for both Clergy and Laity, or by the same two-thirds Vote of delegations the appointment to a Committee of Bishops, of which Committee the Primate of the West Indies must be one.

At this its first election, the synod found itself with two persons nominated for the vacant Office of Bishop, and on the fifth ballot, the Reverend Alfred Pakenham Berkeley, M.A. Rector of St Michael, and Dean of the Cathedral was elected.

He was consecrated in St. Michael’s Cathedral on August 12, 1917.

Matters of finance were always a strong point with Bishop Berkeley, and while he was Dean of the Cathedral, he raised the salaries of two additional Curates, and purchased a building as a Church House.  So as Bishop, he soon began to put the finances of the Diocese on a sound footing, while at the same undertaking also, on behalf of the diocese new enterprises.  Not only did he set about to put the Pongas Mission Fund on a sounder basis, but also the Clergy Widow and Orphan Fund, and he set about creating an Emergency Fund and a Sisterhood Fund.
It was during his episcopate that the Centenary of the Diocese was celebrated.  The Centenary was to be not only an occasion of rejoicing, but it was also to be an occasion of penitence and spiritual revival.

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