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09282006_25702_0.pngHERBERT BREE

On May 1, 1882, Dr Herbert Bree a priest of 30 years standing, was consecrated Bishop of Barbados in the Chapel of Lambeth Place.

During his episcopate, the following measures were passed by the Legislature:
(a)     A Bill to make better provision for the discipline of the Clergy

(b)     A Bill to declare the statue of the Curates to be that of Vicars or Perpetual Curates and           to define their districts;

(c)     A bill to establish a Dean and Chapter for the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael;

(d)     A Pension Act which included the clergy among the other public officers.

The West Indies were declared a separate Ecclesiastical Province in 1883.

In 884 Bishop Bree appointed a negro priest – the Rev E.S. Thorne – as rector of St Joseph, despite the unanimous protest of his counsellors.

In 1898, Bishop Bree left Barbados for England, where he died of cancer in February 1899.

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