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09282006_35113_0.pngWILLIAM HUGHES

James Hughes D.D. had been Bishop of Belize, Honduras for only a few months, when the Synod elected him to succeed Bishop Bentley.

It had been confidently expected that disendowment would shortly be the Church’s lot here, and Dr Hughes came expecting to be called upon to build up a disendowed Church, but when he came, he discocvered that many of the senior Clergy did not share his enthusiasm for a disendowed Church and thus began his disappointment with the Barbadian Church.

Because of his known social concerns, he was appointed a member of the Legislative Council, and his contributions to that assembly were outstanding.

A forceful preacher – his theme was – It is People Who Matter.

He exercised the office of Bishop here in Barbados for less than five years, and he retired January 1950.

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