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09282006_33558_0.pngWILLIAM SWABY

Barbados had its first translated Bishop in December, 1899 when the Right Reverend William Proctor Swaby, D.D. was translated from British Guiana to become the 5th Bishop of Barbados.

Bishop Swaby was a disciplinarian and he attacked relentlessly the indifference of the Clergy to the various Parochial    Organisations.  In season and out of season, he impressed on the clergy the duty of giving religious instructions in the Day schools.  He required an ACT or Log book to be kept in every Church.  He also insisted on the rural deans making periodical visitations of the churches and reporting to him.

During the episcopate, the Anglican Church Act was amended to allow for the election by the Synod of a Bishop in the case of a vacancy and to provide for the contingency of a Bishop becoming incapacitated for his duties.

A meeting of the Provincial Synod was held in Barbados in 1905.

He was elected Archbishop within a few days of his death.  He is buried beneath the Choir Stalls of St Michael’s Cathedral.

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