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The Barbados Church Army, the evangelistic arm of the Anglican Church in Barbados was introduced to Barbados in 1897 with the first batallion reported to be at the St. Silas Chapel in St. James.  However, it was not officially recognised as having an existence until the Bishop's Charge in 1931, when Bishop Bentley endeavoured to give it a proper organisation and constitution.  
His Grace the Bishop of Barbados and Archbishop of the West Indies, The Most Rev. & Dr. The Hon John Holder, is the Patron of the Church Army and its Chaplain is Rev. Michael Maxwell, rector at the Church of St. Jude.

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The current officers of the Barbados Church Army are:

Captain Maurice Webster
46 Violet Circle, Oxnards, St James, Barbados
Vice President
Glenda Worrell
Phyllis Dottin
Frenches, St George, Barbados
Marjorie Shorey
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Granville Bovell
Deanery Representatives
Christ Church
Josiah Best
St John
Brenda Waterman
St Michael
Gloria Stephens
St Peter
Sylvia Waldron



The following appeared in the Church Army Gazette (England) Aug. 16.

In the year 1897 the Rev. R. W. Menzies, then Vicar of St. Silas and St. Alban in the parish of St. James and Island of Barbados, introduced Church Army work in these districts. Since then it has progressed beyond all expectations and today there is Church Army Work in practically every parish of the island. To celebrate the introduction of this work and to record their apprecia-tion of the effort made by Rev. Menzies, which resulted in the oonvertion. of so many, a special Anniversary was held on

Easter Monday April 21st,1930

The day’s programme opened with a special Communion Service at St. Silas, conducted by the Rev. C W Johnson, Rector of the Parish Church, and assisted by Rev. A. J. Hatch, Vicar of St. Philip-the-Less, in the parish of St. Peter. The Church was packed to its utmost capacity, and some were forced to remain outside for want of space.  The Banners of the several Branches of the Church Army who had journeyed froin far and near to share in tile Celebration, were carried in pro-cession and placed on either side of the Chancel until the close of the Service.

The Sermon for the occasion was preached by the Rev A J Hatch.   Taking for his text Isaiah 41, verses 6 and 7. “They helped every one his neighbour; and everyone said to his brother, be of good courage.. So the carpenter encouraged the goldsmith; and he that smoothed with the hammer him that smote the anvil," etc, he held his bearers .spell-bound as he drove home the essential points in a  well-thought out, practical and inspiring address.

Two members from each Branch partook of the Lord’s Supper and then a very impressive Service was brought to a close.

A letter from Rev. Prebendary Carlile, Chief of the Church Army in England was read to the congregation by the Rector. Surely every heart throbbed exultantly as they listened to his message.  They did ponder and take courage.  The music for the Service was supplied by the Band of the St. Joseph's Church Boys' School kindly brought by Mr. O Walcott, the Headmaster, to assist us.

Bro. J. M. Crick, Lay Reader and Headmaster of St. Silas Boys' School, very kindly acted as Chairman for us at the meeting which followed and was the first speaker.  Next followed an address by Bro. A Holder Lay Reader at St. Albans and Head master of the Boys' School in that district. He it was who set up the first torch for Church Army open-air work in the Island and who worked heartily with Rev. Menzies.

Bro. O. Walcott, Head Master of the St. Joseph's Church Boys' School and also an early worker under Rev. Menzies, took charge of all correspondence in connection with the meeting. Prebendary Carlile's letter to the meeting was again read by him for the benefit of those who did not attend the service.

A resolution moved by Bro. A. Holder and unanimously supported by the gathering, was en-trusted to him to be sent on to Church Army Headquarters, expressing their loyalty to the principles for which the Church Army stands and their determination to go forward in the great fight.

He next read a letter from Mrs. Menzies on behalf of Rev. R. W. Mehzies, who was too ill to write or send even a message. The meeting was very much moved by the tone of the letter, sadden-ed through the indisposition of their once beloved leader, but very much cheered by the earnest exhor-tations which it contained.

Addresses of ten minutes' duration by the visiting Captains followed, after which the day's programme was brought to a close.

The members wish to thank the Local Captains, Capts, J. Walcott, L. Thorne, and G. Francis, for the efforts they made to make the meeting a success, also the members of the Church Army from. St. Peter, St. Stephen, St. James, Christ Church, St. Joseph, Boscobelle, etc., who at some trouble and expense came to our help. One Sister came all the. Way from St. Matthias’ district to join us.

May God help us to be faithful to our trust.

Since these early beginnings the Church Army is now in 31 parishes in the diocese. These are:

All Saints
St. Bartholomew
St. Lucy
St. Philip
Christ Church
St. Catherine
St. Luke
St. Philip-the-Less
Christ The King
St. Christopher
St. Mark
St. Silas
Church of the Resurrection
St. George
St. Martin
St. Stephen
Holy Innocents
St. John
St. Matthew
Holy Trinity
St. John The Baptist
St. Michael and All Angels
St. Ann
St. Joseph
St. Patrick
St. Augustine
St. Jude
St. Paul
St. Barnabas
St. Leonard
St. Peter with St. Nicholas


1       To be the evangelistic arm of the Anglican church in Barbados
2       To minister to the sick, incapacitated and shut-ins in the diocese
3       To minister to others by holding open-air meetings
4       To minister to lapsed members of the Church
5       To support the poor spiritually and where possible, financially
6       To support the activities of the Church at the parochial and diocesan levels
7       To hold quarterly meetings of the leaders of various battalions
8       To hold annually a commitment and re-dedication service

Membership is be open to any confirmed member of the Anglican Church in good standing and shall be actively involved with the parochial church battalion.



The Barbados Church Army shall have a Leaders Council which shall consist of two representatives from each parochial Church Army.


The Barbados Church Army is affiliated to Church Army International. This is a body comprising all the national church army organisations in Africa, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland, and the United States of America.  The leaders of the national bodies meet regularly as the International Leaders Forum whose current chairman is Captain Bruce Smith of Canada.    

The goal of the Leaders Forum is to reach out to others in words and action with the good news of Jesus Christ and to see people becoming his disciples.  The Leaders Forum is committed to encouraging and enabling others to share this exciting work, to be pioneering as risks are taken for the Gospel, to go into new areas, and to do these things for the sake of Christ with the desire to make Him known to others.  This was the goal of Winston Carlile, the founder of the Church Army, and that remains the goal of the International Forum today.

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