Diocese of Barbados
St Matthew's Church
Hothersal Turning, St Michael, Barbados
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Rector:  The Rev Hugh Sandiford
Telephone: (246)


Times of Services


9.30 am
7.30 am (2nd Sunday)



St. Matthews Church dates back to 1829 when Mr. James Rogers donated three-quarters of an acre of land from Friendship Plantation, St. Michael.  The cornerstone was laid by Governor, Sir James Lyon, assisted by Bishop William Hart Coleridge on November 21, 1829.  It was consecrated  on March 18, 1830.

The Church was totally destroyed by the hurricane of 1831 and rebuilt in 1832 with local funds and a subsidy from the Bishop.  In 1841, Mr. James Rogers donated another half acre of land to extend the burial ground.

The ceiling of the Church is a masterpiece of art made entirely of plaster, with rosettes and figures of angels enhancing the design.  It is supported by massive columns which bear similar designs and span beautiful Gothic arches.

During 1973 and 1974, renovations were carried out and an office was built to replace the Vestry Room, and provision was made for a Sextons Room, two Robing Rooms and a Store Room.

Between 1997 and 1998, the entire roof, ceiling and all of the windows except the main east window were replaced.  The east window was refurbished with stained glass.

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