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St Aidan's Anglican Church
Bathsheba, St Joseph
Tel: (246)

St Aiden, Bathsheba, St Joseph, view from Bonito Bar

Times of Services


7.00 am (St Aidan's congretation)
10.00 am (St Joseph's congregation)

The Church of St Aiden is the direct descendent of the Chapel School of Little St.Joseph.  It is now situated on the shore road of Bathsheba Village overlooking the Atlantic coast.

The first St Aiden built on Rectory Land in Tent Bay, was destroyed by a landslide when the Railway was being built in 1884.  The original Rectory was at Beachmount, overlooking Tent Bay.  It ceased to be convenient when the new Parish Church was built and was sold to Miss Emmy McConney for use as a hotel.  Miss McConney, great aunt of Mrs Iris Bannochie of Andromeda Gardens, ran both Beachmount and Atlantic Hotels, catering for the holiday trade which the railway brought.

The new St Aiden was built between 1904 and 1909 under the direction of Archdeacon Skeete, the incumbent of St Joseph at the time.  In 1926 stained glass windows were inserted in the church to the memory of Miss McConney.  Miss McConney had supported the previous chapel close to her hotel to the extent of offering free lodging to those officiating at the chapel and who usually came from Codrington College.  The windows were unveiled by her niece Ivy Bradshaw who raised the money for this memorial.