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All Souls Anglican Church
Bank Hall, St Michael, Barbados
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Times of Services
Former Clergy

Rector:  The Rev Coleridge A. Darlington
Telephone: (246) 427-6418

Times of Services

8.00 am (1st, 2nd, 4th,  5th)
9.15 am (3rd) 7.00 am 9.15 am (emphasis on youth)

Midday-1.00 pm Reflections
6.30 pm Mission Group


All Souls Church was consecrated on the 29th. of March, 1921 and dedicated to "ALL SOULS" in commemoration of those killed in the war of  1914-1918.  It was erected expressly to "provide for the spiritual needs of the new population which had drifted to the Bank Hall area of the Metropolitan Parish."  The new Church was the brainchild of  Dean Shankland of St. Michael's Cathedral under whose care it started, and became known as "Dean Shankland's Baby."  

The east window depicts our Savior hanging from the cross.  It was presented by Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Hanschell in memory of their daughters.

Built to accommodate 350 persons the Church experienced rapid growth over the years and by 1965 mezzanine balconies were added increasing the seating capacity to 600, and providing accommodation for a Choir robing room.  The greatest need for this additional accommodation was to meet the demand for space for the thriving Sunday School.

The Church was a Chapel of the Cathedral for fifty years until 1971 when it became an independent ecclesiastical Parish.  Several priests many of whom were Curates of the Cathedral ministered during the time that the Church was administered by the Cathedral.

The Rev. P. DeLisle Nicholls was the first Priest-in-charge from 1972 to the 1st October, 1978.
The Rev. Fr. Winston Layne became the first Rector and served from 1978 to the 1st January 1984.
The Rev. Fr. Errington Massiah was Priest-in-charge for seven months from the 1st. January 1984 .
Rev. Fr. Derek  Stapleton was installed as Rector in July, 1984 .

The first confirmation was administered by Bishop Drexel Gomez in 1973.

The Church Hall located on Holigan road east of the main church building was conceived by Fr. DeLisle Nicholls during his tenure of office but was not completed until 14th. July, 1984 when Fr. Errington Massiah was Priest-in-charge.  It was built "to serve the community" and has been used as a Parish Meeting Hall, Day Care Centre, Recreation Hall, and for many other social and educational functions sponsored by the Church and the community.

From its early days a tradition in Hymn singing was established especially for the very popular Evensong Services.  The Cathedral Notes of October 1970 records "erected in 1921 to accommodate 350 persons. it was even then and for many years to come too small to accommodate the evening congregations.   It was however  not until 1961 that the first new Hammond Organ was bought.  This served until 1985 when an extremely successful  program raised funds for purchase of the existing Allen Organ.

In 1970 the churchyard was surfaced to accommodate the ever increasing number of vehicles.

The formation of an ecclesiastical Parish facilitated the growth of organisations within the Church.  The Youth ministry has experienced peaks and troughs.  The Rev. Harold Tudor organised inter-church games in the late 50's and early 60's and encouraged social activities among Sunday School Teachers. Under the curacy of the Rev. James Springer The Youth Fellowship was formed.  This was the fore runner to the formation of the AYPA which thrived until the mid 70's. A fledgling Youth Group and a very successful Youth Choir are attempting to revive the contemporary youth ministry.


All Souls Church is located within the St. Michael Deanery off Bank Hall Main Road and Holigan Road in a densely populated low to middle income suburban residential area.  The Parish boundaries overlap with St. Matthew's Church to the north, St. Michael's Cathedral in the south, St. Leonard's and St. Stephen's to the west.  The Bank Hall Main Road - Bush Hall Main Road artery links the City Center to St. Michael North. Bank Hall Cross Road is part of the main highway linking Oistins and Speightstown by what is commonly called " the by-pass".

The Parish Boundaries are shown on an extract from the 1:10,000 ordinance survey map (1988),  sheet 8,  from the Lands and Surveys Department, at page 3A)

The Church is sited on a plot of land containing 1526.5 square metres or 16,431.25 square feet.  (See survey plan ref. no. 86/93 recorded at the Lands and Surveys Department on 26 January 1993, at page 3B.)

Outstanding landmarks within the Parish boundaries are:

        The National Stadium
        Combermere School
        Station Hill Community Center
        District A Police Station
        Police Band Complex
        Glendairy Prison
        Hindsbury Primary School
        Empire Sports Club
        Eagle Hall Market

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