Diocese of Barbados
St John Parish Church
St John, Barbados
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The St John Parish Church is dedicated to St John, the beloved apostle of Our Lord. Our Feast day is May 06. A member Church of the Diocese of Barbados in the Province of The West Indies, we are in communion with the church of England and The Episcopal church in the United States of America. This church, like most churches on the Island was destroyed by the hurricane of 1831 and rebuilt in 1836.Rededication took place on 23 June 1836.
According to the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, worship has been conducted on this spot since 1645. The first building, a wooden structure, was destroyed by fire in 1676 and replaced by a stone structure. Following the hurricanes of 1780 and 1831, the current building was constructed in 1836. Among the many interesting features are: the Chancel, the Pulpit, the Font, Staircase,Westmacott Sculpture and Sundial. Fernando Paleologus,a former church warden and planter was buried under the choir when he died in 1670. He was buried with his head pointing to the west and the body embedded in quicklime in accordance with the Greek Orthodox custom. Following the hurricane of 1831 his tomb was moved to the churchyard.
A commanding view of the East Coast and surrounding areas can had from this location.
It is also said that, on a clear day, one can see the neighbouring islands from the Church Tower

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