Diocese of Barbados
St John Parish Church
St John, Barbados
Today is: Sunday,03 July,2022 11:43:14 AM

9122007_112058_3.jpgThe Chancel/Sanctuary was constructed in 1876. The beautiful stained glass was added in 1907 and the imitation mosaics added in 1922

The St. John church is famous for the richly carved pulpit which is made of six (6) different woods: ebony,
locust, mahogany and manchineel which are local and oak and pine which are imported. The pulpit was carved by the father and son team of Benjamin and Samuel Thorne and Charles Codrington.

The Font,which stands at the entrance to the church is made of caen stone supported by columns of Venetian marble.The carvings on this font are symbols of the four(4) evangelists. The font stands as a reminder of the fact that we enter the Christian life by way of baptism.

The outstandingly beautiful, geometrical staircases are located on either side of the entrance doors and lead to the balconies, bell tower and organ loft(no longer in use).

This Westmacott sculpture (made by Sir Richard Westmacott) commemorates Elizabeth Pinder and is found on the left of the main door.


The imposing sundial stands elevated above ground level and offers a panoramic view of the coastline from the East to the North.A circular brass dial is resplendent in morning, afternoon and evening light. One can still guage time from the sundial.

9122007_112319_7.jpgA monument erected in the memory of Ferdinando Paleologus, church warden of this parish and planter of the area.

5102014_73647_1.jpgMy boundaries enclose a pleasant land; Indeed, I have a good heritage.

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