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Download, View and Print Our Bulletins

Many thanks to our former and current Parish Secretaries Mrs. Lucy Howard-Griffith and Miss Pauline Donnelly respectively, for their invaluable assistance in making these available to download. :)

Most of these are PDF (Portable Document Format) files. In the unlikely event that your computer has no application to open such files, I strongly recommend the FREE (and fast!) Foxit Reader. If you already have Foxit Reader and wish to upgrade to the current version, just click on "Check for Updates Now..." in Foxit's help menu and download it from there instead. Of course, however you choose to download the application, you need to be connected to the Internet first. Incidentally, Foxit Reader Version 2.3 Build 2825 users may be unable to install the "JPEG2000 and JBIG2 Image Decoder" upgrade unless they follow these instructions. (It is unlikely that failure to install the image decoder would affect the appearance of the bulletins and other St. Matthias Church documents. However, JPEG2000 and JBIG2 format images contained in other documents cannot be viewed without the fix.)

To download a bulletin, right-click its link, from the context menu select "Save Link As..." and choose where on your computer you would like to store it. (As a rule, the desktop is the best place to store downloads because they are easy to find and can always be moved to a more appropriate location later.) If you wish to print the bulletins, use legal size (8.5" x 14") paper.

Distribution Dates:
Questions? Feel free to contact the webmaster either via the link below or by using our guestbook (remember to include your email address). If you're a member of our message board (also called a "bulletin board" or simply "forums"), a third option at your disposal is to PM the webmaster whose username there is abajan.

 Last Modified: 4 March,2014