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Frequently Asked Questions
(or perhaps those you had intended to ask)

Q: The home page doesn’t look quite right: Directly under “Message From” is the slide show, followed by the Facebook “Like Box”, followed by the words “The Rev. Canon DeVere Murrell” and then his photo and message. Shouldn’t “Message From” and “The Rev. Canon Devere Murrell” be combined?

A: Your monitor is probably set at 800 pixels x 600 pixels which is too low. This website was built to accommodate as many users as possible and knowing that nowadays very few people use the 800 x 600 setting (just about 1% according to statistics compiled by, a decision was made to design the site with the great majority of users in mind. Every monitor has an optimal resolution (usually stated on the package in which it came) and it would be impractical to state here what yours is. However, if your computer is running Windows XP, the videos below should help. (If they are viewed directly on YouTube, the comments may be useful.) Don’t be afraid to experiment with various settings until you find one that suits your taste. Whichever setting is eventually chosen, your screen should not appear horizontally streched. As a simple test, look at the red square below the videos. It should look like a square and not a rectangle. (Hold a ruler up to the screen, just to be sure.) If it is a rectangle, your screen’s resolution needs to be re-adjusted.

Q: Why do I have to right-click some of the links and then click “Save Link As...”? Can’t I just click those links as I would with any other.

A: As a rule, it is recommended that PDF (Portable Document Format) files be downloaded via the method prescribed and then opened. Some web browsers have been known to exhibit strange behaviors and even crash (it’s not as bad as it sounds — closing and reopening the browser or at most, restarting the computer should fix things) when links to PDFs are clicked in the normal fashion.

Q: In relation to the previous question, I don’t see “Save Link As...” anywhere on the menu that pops up. Where is it?

A: The phrase varies according to which browser is being used:
  • Firefox and Chrome show Save Link As...
  • Internet Explorer shows Save Target As...
  • Safari shows Download Linked File As... or simply Download Linked File
  • Opera shows Save Linked Content As... or Save to Download Folder
Those are the five main browsers in use today. Others may show various versions of the above messages.

 Last Modified: 20 October,2012